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Pillars of your car

A, B, C, D Pillars of cars

The A, B, C, and D Pillars

Just like in civil construction, a car’s pillars support its roof. To identify them, one needs to look at the car from one of its sides. The sloping pillar between which the windshield glass is fixed is the A Pillar. The second pillar from the front is the B Pillar, onto which the front doors click shut. The rear doors are hinged to the B Pillar as well. The C Pillar is behind the rear seat, and is the third and final pillar when it comes to hatchbacks, sedans, and small SUV’s. Larger cars with a third row of seating, like Minivans and Large SUV’s, have a fourth D Pillar, which is behind the third row.

Typically, thicker A and C Pillars (D, in case of Minivans and SUV’s) are disliked as they block the driver’s field of vision at the front and back respectively.

So the next time you hear someone talk about the A, B, C, or D Pillars of a car, you know what they’re talking about!