Why buy car insurance from Wheels Wisdom?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you must buy car insurance from Wheels Wisdom!

  1. Since the policy is issued by Wheels Wisdom, we will have visibility in to the progress of claims made on the policy, and given our relationship with Bajaj Allianz, we expect the claims to be processed smoothly without any procedural delays, as long as the claim complies with rules and regulations.
  2. This, we believe will be a significant advantage to our customers because we are also the team that is coordinating with the service center during claims – assuming you use our service for repair under insurance, which we are sure you will!
  3. Unlike insurance aggregation portals, Wheels Wisdom takes great care in ensuring customers understand what policy they are signing up for, with an objective to avoid surprises when a claim is made. Given that we co-ordinate insurance claims at service centers everyday, we know it is at the time of a claim that the real worth of an insurance policy becomes clear.