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When does my car need Wheel Alignment and Balancing?

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

When does my car need Wheel Alignment and Balancing?

Wheel Alignment and Balancing is often thrown at customers as an additional task to be performed during car service. Additional tasks, of course, come at an additional cost! So then the classic car owner’s dilemma kicks in – “Do I need it?”. Let’s help you decide. When do you need Wheel Alignment and Balancing?


Your car needs Wheel Alignment as well as Balancing every 10,000 kms.

Reactive (or symptomatic):

Your car needs Wheel Alignment or Balancing in the event any of the following symptoms show up. Remember, Wheel Alignment is generally done for the two wheels at the front, whereas Wheel Balancing is done individually for each of the four wheels so that each wheel remains in balance.

Your car needs Wheels Alignment if your:

  • Vehicle tends to drift towards the left or right of the road.
  • Vehicle hit a footpath or an obstacle.

Your car needs Wheels Balancing if your:

  • Vehicle vibrates (or wobbles) at certain speeds (needs Wheel Balancing of the affected wheel).

There are of course more advanced symptoms as well as rear wheel alignment methods, which we decided against featuring here in the interest of simplicity. We hope this article was useful. Happy motoring!

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How does one get a car serviced in Bangalore?

Service Assist Managed car service

So how does one get a car serviced in Bangalore?

Your car was serviced 6 months back. You’ve driven just 2000 kms. It’s time for the next service. You book a service with the service center. Spend personal time going there. Wait in a queue of cars. Finally get to speak to the advisor. He tries selling you engine decarbonization and an interior shampoo wash. You know you don’t need the latter but what about the decarbonization? You say yes anyway. You think, “There, I think I lost some money, but maybe that was necessary!” Did you know Service Advisors at dealerships make more than1/2 their salary from incentives selling Value Added Services? Anyway, let’s move on. You leave the dealership, battle Bangalore traffic in an auto and get home or to the office.

The day goes by. It’s evening, and it’s time to pick up your car. You spend personal time, beat traffic and somehow reach the service center. The advisor is nowhere to be seen. You call his mobile. He finally appears. Shows you the car and hurriedly walks you through the job done. You wish and pray that everything that was promised as done, is indeed done. You make the payment, and start your return journey. You know the service center offers ‘pick up and drop’, but can’t trust the guy who drives, plus you want to meet the advisor yourself to make sure they understand your vehicle’s needs. You sigh. You finally drive home and stay in peace. Until the next service, that is!

What if you had a friend who handled these hassles with technical expertise?

Wheels Wisdom is that friend. We tightly control your car service, and take this one hassle away from your life. Customers are becoming fans of our paranoid focus on Quality and Honesty.

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