Wheels Wisdom gives away 5% of profits to charity.


What should an organization’s goals be? Revenues? Profits? Delivering value? Of course yes, as these are vital. But shouldn’t it also be about doing good deeds? Call it CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? Maybe.

As our customers and vendors both have experienced when doing business with us, we’re an organization with a heart and a conscience.

We believe that in addition to enabling our customers, we have a responsibility to support those who did not have a chance to receive education or healthcare, simply because they were not born in a household that could afford these. It wasn’t their fault, was it?  And so, from day one, we pledged 5% of our profits to giving.

When you do any business with us, you automatically become an angel, and help those in need. And that is something our customers and vendors can always be proud of!