2. Service center assignment

You receive a confirmation call within a couple of hours of placing your order, during which we confirm the service center based on various factors, like proximity, loading, etc. We will not be able to determine service center location prior to receiving your paid order, as service center assignment is made using parameters specified in your order.

Wheels Wisdom takes your car to large, well equipped Multi Brand Service Centers, that meet our tough quality standards. We don’t own these service centers. We are wholesale customers at the service centers.

WW Gold customers’ cars are taken to Authorised Service Centers.

We DO NOT just send your car to the service center. We TAKE the car with us, STAY with the car, and ensure that all jobs are carried our under OUR SUPERVISION. This is in stark contrast to online ‘aggregators’. Wheels Wisdom is NOT an aggregator. We control the entire end to end process, everything is done under our supervision.

Wheels Wisdom carries out servicing and repairs at Multi Brand Service Centers. However, we may recommend a particular task to be carried out at the Authorised Service Center (under our supervision) in certain circumstances like proprietary parts or equipment being necessary, or if a particular spare is available only at the ASC.