Car Battery Replacement

Function of a car battery:

The battery is the sole source of electrical power for the car. The battery is charged during vehicle operation by the alternator. If the battery is not charged sufficiently, you will not be able to start the car or use any electrical components (lights, audio system, etc.).


After a new battery is installed, you may lose your personal settings for radio stations, clock, etc.

Maintenance to avoid the cost of replacing a car battery

Corrosion is the battery terminals’ and battery cable’s worst enemy. If you open the hood of your car, you may find a white or bluish powdery looking substance (dried acid) on the battery and cables. This acidic substance will corrode the battery terminal-ends and the battery cables. It is good practice to have the battery and cables checked and cleaned at regular intervals. This will prevent the corrosion from building up and it will extend the life of the battery cables. Applying Vaseline or a dielectric grease compound to the terminals of the cables will also prevent any corrosion buildup.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Battery?

  • Car does not start.
  • None of the electrical components work (try the lights and audio system).

Impact if not taken care of:

Without a properly functioning battery, your vehicle will have no electrical power, and will be unable to start. So battery replacement is not a job that can be postponed!