Window glass is not going up or down

Your car window glass not going up or down can put you in a difficult situation. Let’s understand how the system works.

How this system works:

Your power window system is actually quite simple, which limits the number of potential causes for your glass to remain stuck in one position. The system is powered through a motor, which is connected by wiring to a fuse. That motor creates rotation, and the regulator inside the clutch changes that rotation into the vertical up-and-down movement of your window, which is held in place by a track guide. If any part of that system goes bad, it can cause your window to stop moving up or down.

Common reasons for this to happen:

  • Worn window switch: Window switches typically get a lot of use and abuse. The contacts inside the switch can wear out and prevent power from going to the window motor, which causes the windows to stay in the up or down position.
  • Faulty window motor: Over time, the window motor can wear down or even go bad entirely, which will prevent your window from moving at all. Aside from the obvious symptom of a stuck windowpane, this type of problem may be accompanied by a whirring or labored sound.
  • Faulty window regulator: When the regulator breaks, it can also cause your window to become stuck in either the up or down position since the motor’s rotation can’t be converted into vertical movement. In this case, you can usually hear the power window motor run when you press the window’s control switch. There are times, however, when a faulty window motor or window regulator manifest a problem in the same way, requiring the removal of the door panel for a closer look and testing with proper diagnostic tools.
  • Worn or broken window track guides: Track guides inside your window keep the glass in place as the system moves it up and down. If, however, the pane comes off the track, it won’t be able to move at all. In this situation, there may be a rattling noise when you attempt to operate your window from the components moving loosely around. This issue can present itself in vehicles with either power or manual windows.

How important is this service?

The good news is that a stuck window won’t cause your car to break down. The bad news is the problem won’t go away on its own. If your window is stuck in the up position, you may have to rely on air conditioning for temperature control more than you typically would. A window stuck in the down position leaves any valuables within your vehicle and the vehicle itself at risk of damage or theft.

Regardless of your window’s position, however, it is possible that a failing component could damage other parts of the window control system and increase total repair costs in the future. It’s advisable to have the issue diagnosed and resolved promptly.