Windshield Washer Jets / Spray Misaligned

Windshield washer jets / sprays are plastic nozzles that are located right at or near the middle of your hood. These nozzles must spray the windshield washing solution at varying levels of your driving speed. So proper alignment of these nozzles is absolutely critical for the system to work.

A properly aligned windshield washer jet allows you to quickly remove mud and other impediments that would normally get stuck on your windshield. Some of the symptoms that may make you think that the jets are misaligned may actually be due to dirt that may clog up the nozzle.

Keep in mind:

  • The jets are completely exposed to the elements. Dirt, leaves, and other objects can easily clog them up.

What could be the issue:

If the nozzles on your jets appear to be spraying in the wrong direction, or not spraying at all, the jets may need to be adjusted. However this can also be due to the deterioration of the washer tubes or even a windshield washer reservoir that needs replacement. If your washer jets won’t adequately clean your windshield glass, have the system inspected. This way you can have the source of the system quickly identified and repaired.

What are the common symptoms indicating you need to adjust the windshield washer jets?

  • Liquid spraying onto areas that are nowhere near the front of your windshield
  • The nozzle of the jets pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Looseness of the washer jets. The ability to easily move the jets from their proper position.