Wipers are not working

If you’ve recently discovered that your windshield wipers have quit working, then that discovery likely happened at the worst time – when you needed them most. Consequently, you are fully aware of the stress and danger non-functioning wipers can cause. Without the wipers whisking precipitation out of view, your visibility is compromised, putting you and others on the road at risk.

How this system works:

Your windshield wiper system is actually far simpler than you may think, with only a handful of parts. Power to the system comes through wiring and is regulated by a fuse, causing the wiper motor to rotate when the switch is engaged. This rotation is converted to a back-and-forth movement by a linked system of arms connected by a pivot point or stud. At the end of the line lies the wiper blade. If any part of this system breaks, it can cause your wipers to stop working.

Common reasons for this to happen:

  • Faulty windshield wiper controls: The switch you use to operate the wiper motor gets a lot of use and can fail internally causing a break in power between the wiper controls and the wiper motor. Such a failure will prevent the windshield wipers from operating.
  • Blown fuse: If the fuse for your wipers blows, then no power can go to your windshield wiper system. When a blown fuse is responsible for your wipers not working, you will not hear anything when you turn them on, nor will the wipers move.
  • Faulty motor: A problem with the wiper system motor can cause the wipers to quit functioning as well. In this case, you may or may not hear a noise when you turn the wipers on from the switch. If the motor is starting to go out, you could hear it laboring to work, but there will be no noise at all if the motor has gone out completely.
  • Faulty arm or pivot point: With wear and tear, the mechanical parts of your wiper system can break. If this happens, you will likely hear the motor running when you turn on your wiper switch, although the wipers won’t be able to move properly.

How important is this service?

The poor visibility caused by a non-working wiper system presents a grave safety issue to yourself, any passengers with you, and others on the road. Have the problem diagnosed and fixed at the earliest opportunity because inclement weather can occur at any time.