Car Service and Repairs (Only in Bangalore)

How do I choose from a service below?

  • If your car is out of Warranty or Extended Warranty, click on Multi Brand Service Center Options (MB). With Wheels Wisdom protecting quality, you have nothing to fear!
  • If your car is still under Warranty or Extended Warranty, click on Authorised Dealership Options (AD). Avoidable due to higher expenses unless your vehicle is under warranty. Wheels Wisdom can ensure equal quality at Multi Brand Service Centers, where work is carried out under our control.
  • Want to enjoy unlimited Wheels Wisdom benefits for an entire year, for complete peace of mind? Buy our Annual Membership first, and then book either a MB or an AD option. View Membership Benefits.
  • If you need only Self Paid Body Repair, click on Multi Brand Service Center Options, and select Self paid Body Repair. You can use this option for all vehicles – for those under warranty as well as those that aren’t!
  • Only the Service and Repairs Package (under Multi Brand Service Center Options) INCLUDES service center costs towards listed packaged jobs. In all other bookings, service center charges are NOT part of the booking cost.