Service and Repairs at Multi Brand Service Centers

By Multi Brand, we mean service centers that service cars of many manufacturers (unlike Authorised Dealerships). Work at the Multi Brand Service Center is carried out under Wheels Wisdom supervision. We ensure that only OEM or OES spares are used. Service center selection takes place AFTER we receive your order, based on address, nature of work, and loading.

With all our Multi Brand options (except the Repairs Only option), Wheels Wisdom charges are part of the service package you book. What you pay for includes the services mentioned in the booking, plus Wheels Wisdom services such as fixing Appointments, Pick up and drop by our Technical Advisor, Quality and Cost control, and Payment management. Multi Brand service centers invoice us negotiated wholesale prices in bulk, and we charge you retail prices that include our charges.

In the case of the ‘Repairs Only’ option, Wheels Wisdom charges a flat professional fee to manage your service.

With all Multi Brand booking options, additional repairs estimation must be approved by you via email, and you receive a Wheels Wisdom GST invoice via email for all works carried out at the end of the service (and not service center generated invoices).