Used Car Inspection (250 Point Inspection with Ownership Verification)

BUYERS: Who said used car purchase must wait until the weekend? Now sit at office or home, shortlist your used car online, and let Wheels Wisdom carry out the inspection! You don’t have to be with the car during its inspection! We’re upsetting a lot of Non Genuine used car sellers in the market because of our level of detail in our Used Car Inspections, with sellers sometimes driving away mid way between inspections once we start uncovering hidden issues. That’s proof of how tough our inspections are!

SELLERS: Sellers are able to cut the middleman and make more money when they sell their car directly to buyers, with a Wheels Wisdom Used Car Inspection Report! Sellers who directly post an online ad on classified websites are receiving between 10 to 20% higher prices than dealer quoted prices when they show buyers the Wheels Wisdom inspection report along with the car. Market Value is not specified in seller’s reports to allow you room to negotiate based on our extremely detailed technical report. Genuine sellers have started ordering our report to show buyers how genuine they are, and to make more money on their car sale!

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Our tough inspections take about 90 minutes to complete. Reports are generated, reviewed, and emailed in about 3 to 4 hours after the inspection.

SAVE! First time customers get Rs.500 off their booking! Click on your desired service to see the coupon code!

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