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If you enter 0, and if a claim was actually made, claims on your new policy WILL BE rejected by the insurance company. If you enter 1 or more, you’ll get a policy without a No Claim Bonus (NCB).

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If yes, Bajaj Allianz will carry out a physical inspection of the vehicle prior to issuing the policy.

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I, the undersigned hereby declare and warrant that the insurance contract and policy is subject to the declarations, warranties, statements and particulars given in this proposal form. I declare that to the best of my personal knowledge and belief that the vehicle is in sound and roadworthy condition. I undertake that the vehicle to be insured shall not be driven by any person who to my knowledge has been refused insurance or continuance thereof. The statements and particulars given in this form are complete, true and accurate to the best of my personal knowledge and belief. I have clearly understood the terms and conditions to the insurance contract and agree that the statements and particulars given in this proposal form shall be held to be promissory and shall be the basis of the insurance contract between me and the Company and the Company shall have no liability under the insurance contract if it is found that any of my statements or particulars or declarations in this form or other documents are incorrect and or untrue or suppressed any information or provided misleading or false information in any respect on any matter to the grant of a cover.
I declare that the rate of NCB, if claimed by me is correct and that no claim has arisen in the expiring policy period. I further undertake that if this declaration is found to be incorrect, all benefits under the policy will stand forfeited with no liability to refund the premium.

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