Insurance Claim Body Repairs (Members Only) (Chennai)

Insurance claim service is available only to Annual Members (at no additional charges).

Insurance claims are carried out at Authorised Dealerships (under Wheels Wisdom control) to ensure safety after major damages.

Insurance claim processing is subject to insurance rules and policies. Wheels Wisdom will make every effort to coordinate the claim, but cannot guarantee claim approval or the amount of claim approval.

Insurance claims can take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks to complete.

Booking cost includes:

1. Our Technical Expertise
2. Cost control
3. Quality control (44 point rigorous Wheels Wisdom QA check)
4. Appointment booking at the service center
5. One month warranty
6. Pickup (by Tech Advisor)
7. Drop (by Tech Advisor)
8. Professional interaction
9. Continuous updates (by Tech Advisor)
10. SMS and Email alerts
11. Payment management 
12. Co-ordination with the service center and insurance surveyor
Note: Cashless claims may or may not be available depending on the insurance company. Where cashless facility is not available, service center charges will have to be borne by the customer, which is later reimbursed by the insurance company depending on the policy coverages.
This service can only be purchased by members. To book this service, sign up by purchasing Enroll / Renew Clubwise Infinity Annual Membership (Chennai), or log in if you are a member.


Very Important Notes – Please Read:
  1. Authorised Dealership charges are not included in the booking amount, and are payable at the time of delivery. No commissions are charged over Authorised Dealership charges. We collect it as a reimbursement from you, and hand you the original dealership invoice at the time of delivery.
  2. The service center payment must be made directly by the customer to the service center, via digital payment means (Wheels Wisdom will arrange the payment means).
  3. 50% advance of the total approved estimation (customer contribution post insurance) will be requested prior to proceeding with work, for estimated contributions above Rs.25,000.