Litmus – Used Car Inspection with an Optional 1 Year / 10,000 KM Engine and Gearbox Warranty for Eligible Cars (Bangalore Only)

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Each LITMUS inspection costs Rs.1500 plus taxes. Optional Warranty costs Rs.10,000 plus taxes.

Only cars less than 10 years old, and that have run less than 70,000 kms are inspected.

The service is available only in Bangalore at the moment.

How it works: You shortlist the used car of your choice sitting in the comfort of your home or office, and fix an appointment with the seller for a LITMUS inspection. The inspection takes about an hour. Wheels Wisdom does the tough task of physically inspecting the vehicle using its deep technical expertise, and shares the inspection report with you via WhatsApp.

Offer! You can choose to Pre Purchase our warranty right away, and get up to two LITMUS inspections free. In this case, we will first inspect the first car you show us. If the first car fails the LITMUS test, we will inspect a second car that you ask us to inspect. If the second car also fails the LITMUS test, we will charge you Rs.1500 plus taxes for the third inspection onwards.

WARRANTY TERMS: Optional Warranty is on Engine & Gearbox only, for cars that pass the LITMUS Test, for 1 Year / 10,000 kms from the date of purchase of warranty.

Engine and Gearbox Warranty includes the ECU, the Engine, and the Gearbox. Periodic Maintenance Jobs, and parts that work with the Engine and Gearbox, namely Plastic and Rubber components, Belts and Pulleys, AMT Unit, the Clutch Assembly, and the Flywheel are excluded from the warranty. NOTHING OTHER THAN the Engine and Gearbox form part of the warranty.

Next, kindly discuss with the seller, choose the Date and Time (approximate) of inspection below, and proceed with your LITMUS booking:


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