Post Lockdown Revival Package (at Multi Brand Service Centers in Bangalore)

Annual Members: You automatically get a 50% discount on the revival package!

Revival Package includes service center costs towards:

  1. Battery check (jump start and replacement assistance where required)
  2. Tyres check (swapping with spare tyre and inflating air where required)
  3. Engine oil check (and top up where required)
  4. Air filter cleaning
  5. Cabin A/C filter cleaning (where equipped)
  6. Wiper fluid top up
  7. Coolant top up
  8. Brake fluid top up
  9. Battery distilled water top up
  10. Brakes adjustment (if required)
  11. General lubrication
  12. Comprehensive inspection
  13. Interior vacuuming
  14. Exterior wash
  15. Sanitization of all touch points using an alcohol based sanitizer

*all fluid top ups are upto 100 ml. Additional fluid quantity will be charged per nominal rates.

What’s also included: 

  1. Our Technical Expertise
  2. Cost control
  3. Health Check / QA (44 point rigorous Wheels Wisdom Health Check / QA)
  4. Appointment booking at the service center
  5. One month warranty
  6. Pickup (by Tech Advisor)
  7. Drop (by Tech Advisor)
  8. Professional interaction
  9. Continuous updates (by Tech Advisor)
  10. SMS and Email alerts
  11. Payment management
  12. Preliminary diagnosis of reported issues
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This service is available at a discount for our annual members! Become a member to avail the discount!


Very Important Notes – Please Read:
  1. Please note that Wheels Wisdom brings you the service of managing repairs at workshops, and all our deliverables are services. Therefore, parts and labor are not specified or taxed separately in Wheels Wisdom invoices.
  2. Service center charges towards additional repairs, if any (approved by you via email) are payable at the time of delivery. Wheels Wisdom invoices are issued for approved repairs.
  3. 50% advance of the total approved estimation will be requested prior to proceeding with work, for estimations above Rs.25,000.
  4. 100% advance of the total approved estimation will be requested for ordering parts if the vehicle is being returned to the customer during the waiting period.