Referral Programme

Wheels Wisdom Referral ProgrammeWouldn’t it be nice if you could get your vehicle serviced for free (including service center charges) by just referring customers to Wheels Wisdom? That’s exactly what our exciting new referral programme helps you achieve! Note that only existing customers who’ve used a paid Wheels Wisdom service in the past are eligible to refer new customers.

STEP 1: You share your unique referral URL:

  • Access your unique referral URL (get it here) (make sure you’re logged in).
  • Share it with your friends via WhatsApp, Social Media, Email, or any other means.

STEP 2: Your friends make their first purchase with us: 

As soon as your friends make their first Wheels Wisdom purchase using your unique referral URL, the following happens:

  • Your friends receive an instant discount of Rs.500 when they make their first purchase on Wheels Wisdom. They will see the discount when they get to the checkout page.
  • The first time a referred friend makes a purchase using your unique referral URL, your Wheels Wisdom account gets automatically credited with a referral coupon worth Rs.500. You can view your earned coupons on your dashboard.
  • Example: If 5 of your referred friends make their first purchase, you get 5 (numbers of) Rs.500 coupons in your Wheels Wisdom account. If 10 of them purchase, you get 10 coupons. There is no upper limit! Please note that coupons are credited only for the first purchase by each referred friend.

STEP 3: Redeem your referral coupons:

The sum total of all your coupons can be redeemed against payment towards Wheels Wisdom purchases, or service center charges. Also, any remaining coupons stay in your account and do not expire! Simply call or email us to redeem your coupons!

So now it doesn’t matter how often you use our service in a year, you never stop saving! Start sending out your unique referral URL’s now!