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Petrol or Diesel? Which is a better choice?

Petrol or Diesel

There are complex petrol vs diesel calculations out there to determine if you must choose a Petrol engine or a Diesel for your next car. They are arithmetic in nature, and only look at the economics of owning a Petrol vs a Diesel. Just one problem – most car buyers find them far too complex, and in fact want to think beyond just economics. Then whose cause do these calculations serve anyway?

As always, Wheels Wisdom is here to make it straight and simple. We understand complexity, and love simplifying it! Trust us, it’s very easy to decide. We make the petrol vs diesel decision as easy as selecting your lunch menu! And yes, we include economics among our parameters as well. Take a look below:

Petrol vs Diesel


Note that we kept two factors out of this mix – Cost of fuel, and Environmental impact.

Cost of fuel – The difference in prices of Petrol and Diesel vary more than the weather, and are best kept out of the decision making criteria. The data you use to draw conclusions at the time of purchase might not stay stable for even a couple of months!

Environmental impact – There is no clear winner in this department. When it comes to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons, Diesel engines pollute lesser. However when it comes to particulate matter, they lose out to their Petrol counterparts. Both pollute equally when it comes to nitrous oxide. With rapid advancements in both Petrol and Diesel engine technology, the equation changes in matter of months. Our view? No engine burning fossil fuels can be environment friendly. If you want to be nicer to the environment, Electric and Hybrids are the way to go!

Which side do you think you belong? Wasn’t that easy? :-).

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