Why is membership mandatory?

Unlike service centers and online aggregators, at Wheels Wisdom, team members do not carry rupee targets on sales of parts, labour, or value added services.

You know what happens when service center staff carry such targets. You get a highly inflated bill, because everyone makes a percentage commission off it.

Our team members, right from Service Experience Managers to the City Head, carry only one target – Customer Delight. Is our customer delighted after our work? That’s all that matters.

Right from inception in 2015, we have fiercely guarded our most fundamental core value – Integrity.

We shall NOT allow ANY unnecessary repair on our cars. Period.

As a result, we make very modest margins on necessary jobs carried out on our customers’ cars in Multi Brand Service Centers, and no margins on work carried out at Authorised Service Centers.

To remain unbiased, and to stay true to our values, Wheels Wisdom charges an honest annual membership fee from its customers. And hence, the requirement to be a member to avail any of our services.

We’re like a hospital. A hospital must not carry rupee targets. And Wheels Wisdom does not. Because we know, if it is our own car out there, we hope and pray, that the person controlling our car service may please be honest.

With Wheels Wisdom to protect you, you don’t have to hope. You can be sure. So sit back, while we protect your interests at every stage of your car service experience.