About us

Wheels Wisdom provides Car Servicing and Repairs services in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi. Wheels Wisdom also sells Car Insurance, and this service is available to customers all over India. Unlike any competitor, Wheels Wisdom is known for impeccable customer service.

Consistently. Without exception. Every time.

When mistakes are made, the way we make up for them sets exceptional standards in the industry, which others are simply unable to match.

This is of course, delivered with an unparalleled focus on processes, and on our Core Values. Our emphasis on our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity is giving us the reputation of being the place to go to for car servicing and repairs.

Wheels Wisdom was founded in July 2015 by Sandeep Menon.

At Wheels Wisdom, we believe we exist because of our customers, and the customer is at the center of our universe.