About us

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Wheels Wisdom’s rigor and depth are setting new standards in the Indian automotive industry, as you read this. Our services are based on original innovative ideas, and have already won customers’ hearts in Bangalore. We pioneered the Managed Car Service model, and we’re the world’s first company to successfully execute the business model. Yes, world’s first. Wheels Wisdom has been successfully operating since 2015.

We’re steadily growing, and are very different from the current breed of ‘startups’, when it comes to making choices like profitability vs unhealthy growth, or media glitz vs quiet customer focus. We believe a business has to be profitable first, and grow on the basis on fundamentals rather than on investor money. As a result, at Wheels Wisdom we’re passionate about Quality, and believe Quantity naturally follows Quality. Most fundamental of all, we believe we exist because of our customers, and the customer is at the center of our universe.

Our emphasis on our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity is giving us the reputation of being the place to go to for car servicing and repairs. We believe in growth that can be sustained over the long term, as opposed to short term, unhealthy, and often fatal growth on steroids.

As a breath of fresh air, we DO NOT make our customers install another app! Our customers love our AppSite that provides an App like user experience when accessed on leading mobile browsers, without the memory requirements and privacy concerns that come with legacy mobile apps.

Very different, isn’t it?

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