Careers at Wheels Wisdom

  • Position 1: Manager – Sales and Email Communications (Bangalore):
    • Responsibilities:
      • SalesConcept selling and conversion of inbound calls: Have a technical and diagnostic conversation with customers calling in to get their car serviced, explain the concept and process, and convert the enquiry into an order.
      • Email Communications – Respond to customer emails using professional and pleasing language, within 5 minutes during business hours, in close coordination with the service delivery team.
      • Qualifications: B.Tech / MBA in any discipline.
      • The ideal candidate should:
        • Have a minimum of 2 years experience in a sales or email communications intensive role.
        • Have excellent communication skills in English.
        • Be someone who loves troubleshooting.
        • Be very comfortable getting into some detail about automotive systems and sub-systems [Engine, Transmission, Electronics, Suspension Setup, Exhaust System, etc].
        • Be well read, knows facts and figures of the Indian auto industry.
        • Have an attitude tuned towards learning.
        • Have Excel, Word, and Power Point proficiency.
      • Pay: Rs.2,40,000 – 6,00,000 per annum – depending on qualification and experience.


  • Position 2: Technical Advisor (Service Advisor) (Bangalore / Chennai / Hyderabad):
    • Responsibilities:
      • Pick up cars from customer residence or office, get it serviced at select multi brand service centers, ensure all jobs are completed with high quality, and bring the car back carefully to the customer.
    • Qualifications: Bachelors degree or Diploma in any discipline.
      • Must have a driver’s license valid for ‘Light motor vehicles’.
      • Must possess a 2 wheeler and a 2 wheeler driver’s license.
      • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience as Technician OR Service Advisor at any Authorised Dealership.
      • Must be able to comfortably handle customer discussions in English.
      • Must be able to perform an initial technical diagnosis of a problem, when symptoms of the problem are described.
      • Must be able to comfortably speak Kannada OR Tamil OR Telugu, in addition to English.
    • Hyderabad and Chennai candidates must complete their probationary period at Bangalore for 3 months.
    • Pay: Rs.2,25,000 – 3,25,000 per annum – depending on qualification and experience.

If you think you fit these profiles, please mention the position in the subject line, and email your resume to