Service Experience Manager (Service Advisor + Manager) (Bangalore) (Car Service & Repairs)

Salary: ₹25,000 – ₹55,000 per month including incentives and performance bonus.
Experience (Required):
  1. Freshers OR 1 to 10 years experience as a Technician OR Service Advisor in an Authorised Service Center (passenger cars).


  1. Comfortably speak AND write English.
  2. You are truthful and WILL NEVER LIE / CHEAT.
  3. You are hardworking and willing to extend beyond normal working hours as and when needed.
  4. You are comfortable traveling to customers address every day.
  5. You have your own two wheeler for use. 100% travel reimbursement is provided to cover travel expenses.
  6. You have a valid 2W and 4W drivers licence.
  7. You have a positive attitude, and believe in hard work with sincerity.
  8. You live in Bangalore, or are planning to live in Bangalore.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Pickup customer car from residence or office.
  2. Drive to our preferred Service Center.
  3. Ensure high quality work is done at lowest possible cost, using your technical knowledge.
  4. Perform strict Quality Check on the entire vehicle.
  5. Drop the car back to the customer’s address.
  6. Explain all tasks completed, and costs saved in detail to the customer.
  7. Ensure customer delight by working sincerely, with a very positive attitude.

Salary (including Incentives, Bonus, and Travel Reimbursement) is paid via bank on the last working day of every month, in one single payment.

Job Type: Full-time

To apply, please send your resume to with Subject: Your Name – Service Experience Manager – Bangalore.