How does Used Car Inspection work?

Once you shortlist a used car based on your online research, don’t bother to make a personal visit just to ‘see’ the car. Let Wheels Wisdom do this heavy lifting for you. Just contact the seller and get their consent for a Wheels Wisdom inspection. Sellers who maintain their cars well are confident of getting their car evaluated by industry experts, and a positive response from a seller agreeing for the evaluation is your first positive sign that you can deal with the seller. Once the seller agrees, book a Used Car Evaluation on our website.

On the day of inspection: Our Technical Advisor visits the address where the used car is located at the time of appointment, and carries out a thorough inspection of the car. This is done with minimum inconvenience to the seller. The inspection takes approximately one hour to complete. Your (the buyer’s) presence is not necessary, but you are most welcome to join if you wish.

Report: The Used Car Inspection report is generated and sent to your registered email ID by 7PM, the same day. The report goes through multiple reviews to ensure every detail is verified, prior to being sent. After you go through the report, you’re most welcome to call us for any further guidance or clarifications.

Our service is available only in Bangalore.