How does X-Ray: Wheels Wisdom’s Used Car Inspection work?

Wheels Wisdom’s Used Car Inspection is recommended once you see a used car, test drive it, like it, are comfortable with the price, and the only remaining step is to inspect the used car and make sure it doesn’t have any red flags.

Once you reach this stage, simply contact the seller and get their consent for a Wheels Wisdom inspection. Tell the seller you’re serious about the deal, but can only proceed after a thorough inspection by Wheels Wisdom. Sellers who maintain their cars well are confident of getting their car inspected by experts, and a positive response from a seller agreeing for the inspection is the first sign that you can deal with the seller.

What happens on the day of inspection?

Seller Location Inspection: Our Service Experience Manager visits the address where the used car is located, at the time of appointment, and carries out a detailed 150+ point inspection. The inspection takes about two hours to complete.

Service Center Inspection: Our Service Experience Manager picks the used car and drive it to our preferred service center. You can also ask the seller to bring the vehicle to the service center (we will share the Google maps location with you). At the service center, we carry our detailed 175+ point inspection, and drop the car back at the seller’s address. The inspection takes about six hours to complete, from pickup to drop.

Report: The Used Car Inspection report is generated and shared with you via WhatsApp the same day after the inspection is completed. The report goes through multiple reviews to ensure every detail is verified, prior to being shared with you.

Rescheduling: We recognize that our customers are dependent on the seller’s availability to make the inspection happen. Therefore, we do not charge any rescheduling fees. However, the following conditions apply, which are essential for us to run smooth operations:

  • Our Service Experience Managers will be able to wait for a maximum of 1 Hour from the time of appointment, for the inspection to begin. After an hour, they will have to move to their next appointment.
  • New (rescheduled) appointment time is subject to availability on our website.

Additional inspections: In case you decide to not buy the car after seeing the inspection results, additional inspections must be booked via the Wheels Wisdom website for new inspections. At the moment, there are no discounts on additional inspections :-).

Our X-Ray Used Car Inspection service is available only in Bangalore.