How does Used Car Inspection work?

Once you shortlist a used car based on your online research (call us for complimentary advise in this area, if you like), don’t bother to make a personal visit just to ‘see’ the car. Let Wheels Wisdom do this heavy lifting for you. Just contact the seller and get their consent for a Wheels Wisdom inspection. Once the seller agrees, book a Used Car Evaluation on our website.

Our Technical Advisor visits the address where the used car is located, and carries out a thorough inspection of the car right where the car is located.

Dealership Inspection Add-On: If you choose the dealership inspection add on, you must ask the seller to bring the vehicle to the nearest manufacturer’s authorized dealership. At the dealership, we carry out additional checks.

Our Used Car Inspection (Onsite) gives you:

  1. Detailed Images of the Car.
  2. Detailed Technical Evaluation Report.
  3. Recommended market price.
  4. Stolen Vehicle Report.
  5. Detailed techo-commercial walk through of the report – 30 mins.

In addition to the above, the Dealership Inspection add-on gives you:

  1. Underbody, Exhaust system, Drive shafts, and Transmission inspection.
  2. Additional underbody photos.
  3. Dealership Service History.
  4. Cost of Repair (how much will it cost to fix issues identified during inspection).

Used Car Inspections are carried out Monday through Saturday. Please ensure you have owner’s consent to carry out the inspection prior to proceeding with booking. 

Our charges include the fee we pay at the dealership. Tiny when compared to the few lakhs of rupees you’re about to commit on your used car, given the peace of mind our deeply technical evaluation brings you.

3 Cars Bundle: Want the flexibility to evaluate more than one car? You must check out our cost effective evaluation bundle!

Our service is available only in Bangalore.