Wheels Wisdom FAQ1. Wheels Wisdom takes my car to Authorised Dealerships or Multi Brand service centers. How is it different from me going there directly? What’s the benefit I get for paying Wheels Wisdom separately?

The difference is Technical expertise. Combine that with our Ethics, and you receive High Quality service at Honest prices. Add to it the fact that we don’t accept commissions from service centers, and that makes us a large customer at service centers, and not a ‘partner’. We’re paid by our customers (you) and not by service centers, in huge contrast to everyone else in the industry. We protect your interest using our Ethics and our Tech Expertise. See what works in your favour when you come to us:

  • Extremely technical advisors, working on your side, slashing your bills to the maximum extent possible.
  • Star performing Tech Advisors you usually hope will get assigned to you when you go to the service center yourself, now visit you – at your doorstep! We’ve hired the cream of the industry!
  • Wheels Wisdom’s extreme focus on process adherence.
  • Wheels Wisdom’s quality paranoia.
  • Wheels Wisdom’s deep rooted belief that when it comes to Ethics, there can be no shades of grey.
  • Entirely cash free managed car servicing experience.
  • Pre-booking of service appointment at the service center.
  • Technical advisor’s visit, careful pickup, elimination of unnecessary services, quality check, and careful return.
  • We take over the hassles of technical and commercial back and forth with service centers.

We pick up vehicles from all over Bangalore.

2. How is Wheels Wisdom’s service different from the ‘pick up and drop’ facility offered by service centers?

Personalized, technical attention to your car. With Service Assist™, our trusted Technical Advisor manages your car service, just like you would, making sure it gets the attention it needs. We’re on your side, working on behalf of you, something the dealer’s staff cannot do because of inherent conflict of interest. Most of our customers experience a reduction in their service costs as compared to when they used to get their cars serviced themselves, because of the way we don’t allow blind replacement of assemblies, and decline unnecessary value added services. Most importantly, you know your car is in safe hands with Wheels Wisdom. We’re not aggregators. Our staff are our own employees with expertise, and a passion for cars! Also see, How is Service Assist™ unique?

3. Does Wheels Wisdom accept commissions from service centers?

We do not expect, nor accept, any commissions from dealerships or service centers. We negotiate B2B prices with our vendors, and add our margins to our quotes. Our prices are transparent, and reflective of the quality and reliability we offer. We rate and score service centers purely on merit.  On the other hand, our constant focus is to cut down on unnecessary value added services and save money for our customers.

4. How does Wheels Wisdom’s service compare to other apps and similar services in the market?

Remember, there is no free lunch. Any other service that lures you with ‘free’ pickup and drop, charges commissions from service centers. Such services have an incentive to inflate your service bills, thereby increasing their commissions. Wheels Wisdom is driven by our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity. One look at our customer reviews will tell you why our customers love us. Also, Service Assist™ is not a ‘platform’ connecting customers to service centers with drivers ferrying cars up and down. Only our Technical Advisors drive your car, manage its service at the service center, and bring your car safe to your address. We do not employ drivers.

5. What kind of advisors carry out Wheels Wisdom service? Is my car safe with you?

Our advisors have a unique blend of technical expertise, experience, and professional training not seen anywhere else in the Indian car industry. Unlike the ‘pick up and drop’ service provided by service centers, where a junior technician or a driver is sent home, we send Technical Advisors. Our advisors understand every nuance of your service needs, and make sure everything gets done as it should. Our customers’ cars are precious to us. You will notice the extreme care with which we operate your car right from the word go! Your car is absolutely safe with us.

6. Why doesn’t Wheels Wisdom pick up cars over the weekend?

Our field team works Monday through Saturday, and our sales team works on Sundays as well! We don’t pick up cars on weekends because dealerships and service centers are overwhelmed on weekends. They’re so crowded, that there is usually no space even to turn the cars around! They simply cannot provide the kind of attention we insist on for our cars on those two days. Your car receives the right amount of attention it deserves on weekdays.

7. Mine is not a luxury car. Why is the Wheels Wisdom charge higher for my car?

Our experience has shown that certain car models require multiple visits, follow ups, and hand holding at the dealerships (from our end) to ensure high quality levels that are synonymous with Wheels Wisdom. Certain other models suffer from lack of availability of spares, and consequent delay in completing repairs – requiring more effort from Wheels Wisdom to complete the work that’s taken up. We try our best to accept as many car models as possible. As a result, a higher Wheels Wisdom charge is applied to certain car models.

8. My car model is not listed on your website. What can I do?

Please get in touch with us on care@wheelswisdom.com or call us on the IVR number listed on our homepage to check if your car can be accepted even though it is not listed on our website. We do accept certain vehicles on a case to case basis.

9. What if there’s an accident on the way to the service center or on the way back home?

Only our employees (Technical Advisors) drive your car to the service center, and our employees are trained extensively to drive your vehicle extremely carefully. In spite of all care, in the unfortunate event of an accident, Wheels Wisdom will get the vehicle restored to the original condition as it was at the time of pick up, using the registered owner’s comprehensive insurance policy. Any difference amount between what the insurance policy pays for and what is actually paid at the service center will be borne by Wheels Wisdom. The facility at which such repair will be carried out will be determined by Wheels Wisdom. But please rest assured, we rarely run into such situations, and are extremely conscious of the trust our customers place in us. Whatever happens, we will ensure we retain your trust. That’s a Wheels Wisdom promise!

10. When does my car need periodic service?

We like to keep it simple for our customers. Your car needs periodic service if:

1. You drove > 10000 kms since the last service, or
2. It has been a year since your last service [No, forget about the six months interval. You’ll be fine :-)]*

*The only exception to this rule is if your car is under warranty. In that case, strictly follow the manufacturer mandated service interval to ensure validity of warranty.

11. What tyre pressure should I maintain after an upsize?

Pressure = Force / Surface area of contact. Consequently, Force = Pressure X Surface area of contact.

In our context, ‘Force’ is the force exerted by the car on the tyres downward, due to the car’s mass pulled downward by the acceleration due to gravity. Per Newton’s third law, the tyres also exert an equal and opposite force on the car (upward).

After the upsize, the Surface area of contact increases due to a wider tyre. However, you will want the upward force exerted by the tyres on the car to stay constant, to maintain ride quality. So what do you do? Decrease the air pressure by 2 or 3 psi, or even upto 5 psi, per your liking!

12. Do your prices include GST?

All our prices are displayed exclusive of GST to give visibility to our customers as to exactly how much we receive, after paying taxes to the Government. GST @ 18% is automatically applied at the time of checkout.

13. Do you not accept Chevrolet vehicles? I cannot find Chevy vehicles in your lists.

Wheels Wisdom support for Chevrolet vehicles ended in September 2017. Therefore, we’re unable to accept Chevy vehicles for service or repairs.