Wheels Wisdom FAQ

1. How does Wheels Wisdom make money, if you reduce service center bills, as you claim?

On our base package prices, which you pay at the time of booking, we make a good margin, and that’s where we make most of our profits. Just like any regular business, we pay wholesale prices to our service centers, and charge retail prices to our customers

However, when it comes to additional repairs, we have a very strict policy, which is derived from our core value of Integrity, that we will NOT allow ANY unnecessary replacements on our cars. For example, by declining a ₹ 10,000 assembly replacement and insisting on replacing a ₹ 2000 child part instead, we straightaway save you ₹ 8000! No discount or aggregation can get you such whopping savings, which are only possible due to our deep technical expertise and our subject matter knowledge, combined with our rock solid ethics.

Thus, while our initial booking prices may look a tad higher than other online competitors, we save you money like no one else can. Ethically.

2. Do you make margins on the additional repairs done for my car?

Yes, we make a small margin on most additional repairs we carry out for you (except on Batteries and Tyres, where we make a loss on each transaction. How? We only take a reimbursement from you, of the exact amount that we pay for Batteries and Tyres. Then, when you pay us via our website, we lose 2% of that amount. Can you believe it? Yes, we make a loss to ensure best prices for our customers on Batteries and Tyres. But as we mentioned earlier, our profits on the base package more than make up for these losses).

For all other jobs, as mentioned above, we pay wholesale prices to our service centers, and charge retail prices to our customers

However, in spite of this, our customers experience a huge drop in their service and repair charges when compared to Authorised Service Centers (unnecessary replacements) or Cheap Competitors (inflated bills, horrible customer experience, and potential damage caused to your car).

3. How is Wheels Wisdom taking my car to the service center different from me going there directly?

The difference is Technical expertise. Combine that with our Ethics, and you receive High Quality service at honest prices. Add to it the fact that we don’t accept commissions from service centers, and that makes us a large customer at service centers, and not a ‘partner’. We’re paid by our customers (you) and not by service centers, in huge contrast to most others in the industry, who take percentage commissions from service centers. Our margins are added to our highly negotiated wholesale costs, to give you very competitive retail prices. We protect your interest using our Ethics and our Tech Expertise.

4. Does Wheels Wisdom accept commissions from service centers?

We do not expect, nor accept, any commissions from service centers. We negotiate wholesale prices with our service centers, and add our margins to our estimations. Our prices are transparent, and reflective of the quality and reliability we offer. Our constant focus is to cut down on unnecessary replacements and value added services, and save money for our customers.

5. How is Wheels Wisdom different from other car service apps in the market?

Quality. There is simply no comparison of our quality levels, to anybody else’s in the market. We bring you quality and support better than Authorised Dealerships. Also, Ethics. Wheels Wisdom is driven by our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity. Wheels Wisdom is not a ‘platform’ connecting customers to service centers with drivers ferrying cars up and down. Only our Technical Advisors drive your car, manage its service at the service center, and bring your car safe to your address. We do not employ drivers. See how we are unique here.

6. What kind of advisors do you employ? Is my car safe with you?

Our advisors have a unique blend of technical expertise, experience, and professional training not seen anywhere else in the Indian car industry. Unlike the ‘pick up and drop’ service provided by service centers, where a junior technician or a driver is sent home, we send Technical Advisors. Our advisors understand every nuance of your service needs, and make sure everything gets done as it should. Our customers’ cars are precious to us. You will notice the extreme care with which we operate your car right from the word go! Your car is absolutely safe with us.

7. What if there’s an accident on the way to the service center or on the way back home?

Only our employees (Technical Advisors) drive your car to the service center, and our employees are trained extensively to drive your vehicle extremely carefully. In spite of all care, in the unfortunate event of an accident, Wheels Wisdom will get the vehicle restored to the original condition as it was at the time of pick up, using the registered owner’s comprehensive insurance policy. Any difference amount between what the insurance policy pays for and what is actually paid at the service center will be borne by Wheels Wisdom. Loss of NCB (No Claim Bonus) is also compensated by Wheels Wisdom. The facility at which such repair will be carried out will be determined by Wheels Wisdom. But please rest assured, we rarely run into such situations, and are extremely conscious of the trust our customers place in us. Whatever happens, we will ensure we retain your trust. That’s a Wheels Wisdom promise!

8. Why doesn’t Wheels Wisdom service cars at home?

While blood pressure and fever can be checked at home, we go to the hospital for anything more than that. Why? Because the hospital is equipped with the right infrastructure, and with the optimum number of specialists to tend to us, based on what’s found in our diagnosis.

Similarly, while plain vanilla oil change servicing can be managed at your home, a well equipped, and that’s worth repeating – well equipped service center with the best service personnel is the right place to carry out anything more than that. Most cars need more than just plain vanilla oil change. Crucially, our drive to the service center is called the diagnostic drive, where we carefully observe symptoms reported in your car. This is grossly missed in a doorstep service. In addition to that, needless to say, the inconvenience of standing by and ‘watching over’ the service is not something everybody wants to go through either!

9. Do your prices include GST?

All our prices displayed on the website are exclusive of GST to give visibility to our customers as to exactly how much we receive, after paying taxes to the Government. GST @ 18% is automatically applied at the time of checkout and payment. However, all our email estimations (for additional repairs) show each line item inclusive of Parts, Labour, and GST so that you’re absolutely clear how much you will have to pay at the time of vehicle delivery. Please note that Wheels Wisdom brings you the service of managing repairs at workshops, and all our deliverables are services. Therefore, parts and labor are not specified or taxed separately in Wheels Wisdom invoices.

10. To which service center will my car be taken? Does Wheels Wisdom own service centers?

Wheels Wisdom does NOT own any service center. We are wholesale customers to Multi Brand Service Centers. After receiving your paid order, we assign a service center based on proximity and merit (service center’s quality record with us). Please note that it is not possible to determine service center location prior to receiving your paid order, as the assignment is made using parameters specified in your order. You can rest assured that every service center we go to meets our standards with respect to quality of equipment, labor, and parts. Moreover, work is carried out under our control, and we are customers to the service centers.

11. Can I drop my car at your service center?

No. For your convenience, Wheels Wisdom will pick up the car from your doorstep, get it serviced or repaired, and bring the car back to your doorstep as well. We do not have a process by which we can receive your vehicle at any of our service centers, if you bring it yourself. Ownership of the entire process, end to end, allows us to give you the best service experience!

12. Can I accompany you to the service center?

No. While we understand your anxiety if you’re dealing with us for the first time, we need you to trust us. We are customers at the service center, and we treat your car as ours. Presence of the vehicle owner at the service center creates confusion as to who is in charge, and hampers our work. We would like you to stay home or at work, and trust us. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we are cognizant of it at all times.

13. Can I book a service appointment over the phone?

First Time Customers: Service appointments can only be booked online, via our website, with online payment. This is because our booking process requires a reasonable amount of detail regarding the car as well as your accurate address, contact number, and email ID. Humans manually taking this information over the phone makes this step error prone. You’re most welcome to call us for clarifications or for queries you may have with regard to your upcoming booking.

Existing Customers can request for an appointment over the phone line, or by replying to any of our emails!

14. When is the next available appointment? Where can I see it?

Appointment dates are updated in real time on our website. All you have to do is click on your preferred booking option. Every booking page has a clickable calendar, which shows appointment availability in real time. Dates in full green blocks mean they are available. Dates in partial green and red mean the date is available, but filling fast. Dates in full red blocks mean they are completely booked and not available.

15. Why do I have to make any payment upfront? I’m used to paying only after service is completed.

All Wheels Wisdom appointments require payment. This is done to ensure only serious customers are able to book an appointment.

16. Doesn’t Wheels Wisdom get cars serviced at Authorised Service Centers?

Wheels Wisdom gets cars serviced at Multi Brand Service Centers. We have our own brand Slash, which is exclusively for service at Authorised Service Centers. Earlier, service at Multi Brand Service Centers as well as Authorised Service Centers used to be carried out under the Wheels Wisdom brand. Now, we’ve hived off ASC service under Slash. If you want your car to be serviced at the ASC, but also want to benefit from our Technical Expertise, Quality and Cost Control, definitely check out Slash!

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