How does Wheels Wisdom save you money?


Discounts? No.

Must be cashbacks? No.

How else then? Using our domain knowledge.

Yes, that’s how we saved thousands of rupees for our customers in each of the 4500 cars we serviced since 2015!

We save you money by eliminating line items from your estimation using our domain knowledge. Not using discounts or cashbacks.

How? First, we make sure our diagnosis is accurate. So that ensures we shoot straight for the root cause.

Then, we recommend the smallest child part available – not the entire mother assembly. When you directly deal with service centers, you’re conned into replacing mother assemblies, which also solve the problem anyway but make your pocket a lot more lighter 😉

When you use our pickup and drop based service: At the service center, we tell the service center staff what to do, not the other way around. We’re tough and technical customers at service centers.

When you combine the cost of regular servicing and the cost of additional repairs done through Wheels Wisdom, the total cost incurred is always lower than what you would have paid had you directly dealt with the service center. Need more reasons to switch to us?

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