How are we unique?

How is Service Assist Unique?

1. Technical expertise:

  • Service and Repairs: When it comes to car servicing and repairs, our highly skilled Technical Advisors wisely decline unnecessary replacement of assemblies and value added services. Unless we’re convinced – both Technically and Commercially – that your vehicle needs a particular repair or replacement, we do not seek your approval to proceed with that work. In most cases we lower your service bills to levels you haven’t experienced in the past. This becomes possible because Wheels Wisdom is built as an automotive company with  superlative levels of domain knowledge that leverages IT, and not merely as a discount driven aggregator that doles out a shiny app.
  • Used Car Inspections: When we inspect a used car, years of car servicing and audit experience is at work. Yes, we have a rare mix of automotive experts AND audit professionals who take a clinical approach to the inspection! So you’re assured it is not ‘some evaluator’ – instead it is going to be Wheels Wisdom’s highly reputed team that’s carrying out the inspection.

2. Only Tech Advisors – No drivers: We do not employ drivers. Nor do we outsource that activity. Drivers don’t drive your car to the service center! Only our Tech Advisors do. We use that drive to carry out our first level of diagnosis on problems reported by our customers, and pass on precise troubleshooting pointers to the service center upon vehicle check in. We don’t even see that step as ‘pick up and drop’! For us, it is a much valuable diagnostic drive.

3. Highly ethical – No commissions: We charge a transparent, flat fee to provide a high quality and technically sound used car inspection or service. We do not accept any commissions from service centers. Any discount is passed on to our customers. Remember, there is no free lunch. Anyone who provides ‘free pick up and drop’ either works for the service center, or takes service center commissions. It is understandable that they would not have any reason to lower your bills. We’re financially independent, and are a customer to service centers. We charge you an upfront fee, and then tirelessly work to ensure a high quality service from lowest possible costs.

4. We’re not aggregators: We are not in the business of ‘passing on’ your requirement to service centers in your locality. Our Tech Advisors are our own employees, in whom we significantly invest in training, domain expertise, and in our unique org culture. We personally manage your car service, and take ownership for quality.

5. Service center merit scoring: We internally score service centers, purely on merit. This score determines where we send our cars for service. The scoring methodology is proprietary, and the scores confidential to Wheels Wisdom.

6. Values driven and Professional Org Culture: We’re highly process oriented, transparent, and professional as we go about giving our customers a high quality service experience. At Wheels Wisdom, we believe ‘Values lead, Business follows’. And it really works. Our customers keep coming back to us for their future service needs because they know they can trust us.

7. No App necessary: We don’t burden our customers with one more app to install. There are too many apps out there causing ‘app fatigue’, and we know our customers just want a mobile friendly website!

8. Founder’s background: Wheels Wisdom was founded and is being headed by Sandeep Menon. Sandeep, an engineer by qualification, who had a stellar career in IT / Information Security and Audit at Goldman Sachs, Wipro, and i-flex Solutions gave it all up to chase his passion for cars, and job creation. Sandeep started driving and repairing cars at a very young age, spending hours in automotive garages, and sitting next to professional drivers when traveling as a child. Sandeep conducted his first seminar on Automobiles and Internal Combustion Engines in his school classroom at the age of 12! In addition to an impeccable professional career in IT, and his passion for cars, Sandeep is known for his deep rooted belief in values. Consequently, Wheels Wisdom has an org culture that is firmly rooted in the organization’s core values. Read more about our core values here.

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