How are we unique?

Our mission at Wheels Wisdom has been simple from the beginning: Protect Our Customer.

And we achieve this by being truly unique in every imaginable way. So, how are we unique?

  • Brutal Cost Control using Technical Expertise: Our Service Experience Managers, who’re our own employees, wisely decline unnecessary replacement of assemblies and value added services. Unless we’re convinced – both Technically and Commercially – that your vehicle needs a particular repair or replacement, we do not seek your approval to proceed with that work. Wheels Wisdom is an automotive company with superlative levels of automotive domain knowledge.
  • Service Experience Managers – Not drivers: We do not employ drivers. Our Service Experience Managers personally drive your car to the service center. We use that drive to carry out our first level of diagnosis on problems reported by our customers, and pass on precise troubleshooting pointers to the service center upon vehicle check in. In fact, we don’t even see that step as ‘pick up and drop’! We call it the Diagnostic Drive.
  • No Commissions: We do not expect, nor accept, any commissions from service centers. We negotiate B2B prices with multi brand service centers, and add our margins to our quotes. Our prices are transparent, and reflective of the quality and reliability we offer. No commissions of any sort are entertained.
  • Quality: There is simply no comparison of our quality levels, to anybody else’s in the market. We bring you quality and support better than Authorised Dealerships.
  • Ethics: When it comes to integrity, at Wheels Wisdom there are NO shades of grey. We can tolerate mistakes, but not unethical behavior or actions. Wheels Wisdom has consistently walked the talk on this non negotiable aspect of how we conduct ourselves over the years, and has taken unambiguous actions against employees, service centers, and even customers – whenever unethical behavior was detected.
  • No Aggregation: Wheels Wisdom is not a ‘platform’ connecting customers to service centers with drivers ferrying cars up and down. We are not in the business of ‘passing on’ your requirement to service centers in your locality. Our Service Experience Managers are our own employees, in whom we significantly invest in training, domain expertise, and in our unique org culture. We meticulously control your car service, and take ownership for quality. We’re not comparable to discount driven aggregators that dole out a shiny app to customers and service centers, and sit back.
  • Insane Post-Service Follow Up: Ask any of our customers, and they’ll vouch for this! If we come to know that we made a mistake, or that you’re inconvenienced in anyway after our work, we relentlessly follow up until we’ve solved the problem. If you’re a Wheels Wisdom customer, there shall be no frustrations going forward. Guaranteed.
  • Values driven: At Wheels Wisdom, we believe ‘Values lead, Business follows’. Our customers keep coming back to us because they know they can trust us. Wheels Wisdom is driven by our core values of Technical Expertise, Quality, and Integrity. We are respected by customers, service centers, and employees alike due to our intense focus on these our core values.
  • No App necessary: We don’t burden our customers with one more app to install. There are too many apps out there causing ‘app fatigue’, and we know our customers just want a mobile friendly website!
  • Everyone at Wheels Wisdom is an Auto expert: There are no ‘generalists’ or ‘coordinators’ at Wheels Wisdom! From the first person who picks up your call on the phone line, to senior management – each one of us understands Automobiles. That means when you explain a problem to us, we just get it. Without frustration. It also means we understand systems and sub-systems in your car like no one else does.

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