Car power window switch is not working

Most cars use electricity to power window operation, instead of using a manual setup.

How this system works:

A motor gains power through wiring, which is regulated by a fuse in your vehicle’s fuse box, and it rotates when you press the window switch from inside your vehicle. The regulator inside the clutch then changes that rotation into the up-and-down movement of your window. If a problem is present in any part of the system, the power windows will not function correctly.

Common reasons for this to happen:

  • Blown fuse or worn relay: If none of your windows will go up or down, a blown fuse or worn relay is the likely culprit. Although these are two different issues, the symptoms will often present themselves in a similar manner. Without the proper diagnostic equipment, however, tracing a faulty relay can be problematic, and you could interfere with other running systems if you start pulling out fuses out to check them. A professional inspection is recommended.
  • Power window motor shorted out: When you press the window switch and cannot hear any noise coming from the door, there is most likely an issue with the power window motor.
  • Power window regulator or clutch needs replacement: If you can hear a motor running when you press the window switch yet the window doesn’t budge, the regulator or clutch in the power window system is likely faulty. When this type of problem is present, the system cannot convert the motor’s rotation into vertical window movement.