Why use Wheels Wisdom’s Used Car Inspection?

  • Unlike used car portals, we do not have a vested interest in getting ‘listed’ cars sold. Only Wheels Wisdom provides you with a truly unbiased and deeply technical used car inspection and valuation.
  • We act like an independent auditor, protecting your interests. Our used car inspection gives you complete transparency in to what to expect from your upcoming car purchase.
  • Wheels Wisdom’s used car inspection is carried out by the same experienced and technical team that carries out our highly reputed (see independent reviews) car servicing. So rest assured, that the most ethical and technically sound team is carrying out your used car inspection.
  • 100% of our Used Car Inspection customers use our services for Servicing and Repairs of the purchased car. Our neck is on the line if we pass off a faulty car as a good buy. We know our customers will turn to us for servicing as well, and we are answerable in the long term! All the more reason, why we take our Used Car Inspections very seriously!