How does it work?

1. Booking

Begin by booking your service appointment, starting from our home page. Once you complete the booking (with payment), you receive SMS and Email alerts confirming your appointment. Please note that Wheels Wisdom orders are confirmed only upon payment.

2. Service center assignment

You receive a confirmation call within a couple of hours of placing your order, during which we confirm the service center based on proximity and merit (service center’s quality record with us). We will not be able to determine service center location prior to receiving your paid order, as service center assignment is made using parameters specified in your order. Wheels Wisdom carries out servicing and repairs at Multi Brand Service Centers. However, we may recommend a particular task to be carried out at the Authorised Service Center (under our supervision) in certain circumstances like proprietary parts or equipment being necessary, or if a particular spare is available only at the ASC.

3. Vehicle pickup

Our Technical Advisor calls you one day before appointment to introduce himself. On the day of appointment, he visits your address at the scheduled time, takes additional inputs from you, and personally drives (we do not outsource this task to drivers) your car to the service center. We call this the Diagnostic Drive, where our experienced Tech Advisors carry out the initial diagnosis during the drive to the service center. You receive an SMS alert and an Email notification when your car is checked in for service.

4. Cost control

We then filter out unnecessary replacements or services. We technically validate the need for any replacement or repair. This saves our customers a lot of money. We do not entertain blind replacements of entire assemblies. We only recommend repairs and replacements after they are established as root causes of reported symptoms or problems, resulting in huge savings for our customers. We strictly enforce manufacturer mandated service requirements – and in most cases decline everything else. We only make an exception when our customers ask for a specific additional task to be done because they need it.

5. Estimation approval and Advance payment (where necessary)

Once your vehicle is checked in at the service center, you receive a call from our Technical Advisor to advise you regarding additional repairs. We help you decide which ones need immediate attention, and which ones can wait. We send you an email requesting approval of estimates towards repairs. We proceed with work only after we receive your email approval.

Advance payment: 50% advance payment is requested when the estimation exceeds Rs.25,000. We do this as Wheels Wisdom takes significant credit risk in a post paid service. Advance payments can be made conveniently via our website.

6. Quality control

Our Technical Advisor inspects repaired and replaced components, and takes a test drive where necessary, to ensure that every service task is completed as it should be. No car leaves the service center without passing this QA test. If the vehicle passes QA, you receive an SMS alert and an Email notification when your car is ready for delivery. If it doesn’t, we stay at the service center and ensure quality that meets our standards. Remember, your advisors are educated, technical experts. A very detailed and scientifically designed QA checklist is used for this process step. You receive a copy of the QA sheet at the time of delivery.

7. Balance Payments

After service, you can conveniently make the balance payment by logging on to our website, clicking on My Account, and then on the Orders tab.
Payments above Rs.50,000: Payments greater than Rs.50,000 must be made via NEFT / RTGS / UPI only. Please note that Credit / Debit card / Netbanking payment options are not available for amounts above Rs.50,000.
Cash and Cheque Payments: Please note that Cash and Cheque payments are not accepted under any circumstances.

8. Delivery

Cars picked up at 8 AM typically get back to your address between 5 to 7 PM the same day (unless there are additional approved repairs or more time required for diagnosis).

Our Technical Advisor has a closing discussion with you where he walks you through the tasks done for the day and makes sure you completely understand the specifics of the care your car received, and answers any questions you might have. A Wheels Wisdom Technical Manager speaks to you over phone to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service.

9. Feedback

We collect feedback from customers at the time of vehicle delivery, as well as at periodic intervals after the service engagement to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service. We’re known in the market for our excellent post service support.

10. If we make a mistake

Nobody is perfect. Neither are we! Though rare, we do make mistakes. But when we do, you can be assured of our 100 per cent commitment on our intention to resolve your concern. All we look forward to in such circumstances is your patience!